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Large teether Macrame teething rings made with untreated natural maple wood and 100% natural cotton rope. A few things to keep in mind when using wooden teethers: -Always inspect teethers for cracks before giving them to baby -If a crack develops, discontinue use immediately -Do not freeze teethers -Always monitor wear and tear -Use only under adult supervision -Do not leave submerged in water during cleaning -Spot clean with a damp cloth or wash by hand using a mild soap -Inspect teether thoroughly before every use **Our teethers are made using natural untreated wood. If your teether becomes rough due to water exposure, you can restore it using fine grit sandpaper** **WARNING** Never leave baby unattended with teething toy. Never leave teething toy with baby during sleep. Please inspect carefully before every use. If a crack develops or knots come untied, discontinue use immediately. Once our products have been sold and have left our care, Paws N Tots waives all responsibility and liability from the use of our products $15 per teether Please note that each teether is handmade, they will not be identical (slight variations are to be expected)

Materials: untreated maple wood, cotton macrame rope